September 10, 2012

#14 Floral Crowns (handmade by me) - ft. A Lovely Blog Post by Nikau

This morning I received a message from the lovely Nikau Hindin, letting me know that she had published a post about me (yes, you heard right!) to her blog - which may I add is equally as lovely, you should all wander along and check it out. As you can guess, I was flattered by her kind words, and figured it was a good time to blog about these floral creations myself.

Floral Crowns are one of the few crafts I sell at local markets in and around Wellington in my spare time. However I also sell them online for any readers wanting to get their hands on one. They range in price (from around $10 - $30) and are customisable to suit your personal style - This means colour, flower size / type, and the option of embellishments (chains / ribbon etc).

For more information or to buy your very own, you can email me at


  1. oh my gosh, these are so pretty. I love love love.

  2. where do you get your flowers from?
    your crowns are lovely by the way x : )

  3. Hi there
    Are the flowers you use real or fake?
    Looking at buying a crown or two

    1. They're made out of foam and crepe paper (:
      Sure! Feel free to email me at if you have any more questions (:

    2. Where from? NZ made?
      I try to be conscious of where the things i buy come from